Merry Christmas

Christmas comes in just a few days, and we are ready.  We've been ready since before Thanksgiving!  I feel a bit sheepish about that, given that I've been one to criticize those stores that put out Christmas merchandise the day after Halloween.  

But I can explain!  

We decorated early this year because of a confluence of circumstances. I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I figured that some decorations, like garland and candles and strings of lights, would look nice for a fall feast.

Tea and clementines and hedge hogs.   

Tea and clementines and hedge hogs.   

We also wanted the place to look nice for upcoming guests, including a book group from Kenton that was holding its annual Christmas party at Easter House.

We were also getting some help this year from two creative and enterprising friends who actually love shopping at Christmastime, and don't mind the crowds.  That meant scheduling a weekend decorating session that would give them time to get their own homes ready for the holidays.  

So, we’ve been living in a Christmas wonderland for the last month. There’s a big, 8-foot tall fresh-cut tree twinkling in the parlor, another in the family room. There's a tree in the hallway and one in the Brewer Room, too.

There are wreaths in nearly every window and evergreen garlands strung with little lights draped across headboards, the front fence and the fireplace mantle. There’s a Nativity scene in the dining room and even a little one in the upstairs bath, reminding me there wasn’t any hot water or indoor plumbing that night in Bethlehem.

If you're in town, stop by for a visit, while the trees still have their needles!  Merry Christmas to you and yours.